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Hussameddin Shehadeh

Hussam (LLB) is a Syrian lawyer from Aleppo where he practiced both on civil and commercial side from 1998 to 2012 and provided consultancy and legal advisory opinion to prominent commercial and industrial enterprises. In 2012, Hussam co-founded Aleppo Free Lawyers, which contributed to running judicial trials in the liberated zones from the Assad regime. In Turkey, he was involved in humanitarian work with Syrian refugees and in documenting some of the war crimes committed in Syria. In addition, Hussam co-founded the Syrian Schools Network and he founded the first Syrian secondary school (Free Syria School) in Turkey which accommodated refugees and provided them with education. This led to the first Syrian secondary certificate, which was recognised by the Turkish authorities in 2013-14. Later in the Netherlands, Hussam worked as a legal assistant at KOTUG Internationaal.

Rabaa Zreqat

Mahmoud Assaf

(LL.B) Mahmoud graduated from Aleppo University in 2012. Mahmoud specialised in criminal law. He practiced for two years before he moved to the Netherlands.   

Ahmad Bayazid

(LL.M candidate) Ahmad has studied Syrian law at Aleppo University and
Global law at Tilburg
University. Currently following two LL.M in European Private law at the University of Amsterdam and International Business Taxation at Tilburg University.  He is  a co-founder of Syria Legal Network in the

Laial Laham

(LL.M) Public International Law


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